George Fraguio


George Fraguio

Senior Mortgage Banking Officer
BBVA Compass Bank

George Fraguio personifies the inspirational message of The Alchemist, the international bestseller penned by Paulo Coelho, one of his favorite authors.  While the novel’s main character strives to discover and follow his destiny, Fraguio recognized his real estate calling during college and remains dedicated to the industry after nearly two decades.  As he puts it, “A career that allows you to help people achieve their dreams is very fulfilling.”  Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience coupled with his commitment to unparalleled customer service, Fraguio plays a pivotal role in ensuring a happy ending to each of his client transactions. 

In fact, the tale of Fraguio’s career path is quite interesting. Today he helps clients secure funding as a Senior Mortgage Banking Officer at BBVA Compass Bank, but his background also includes years in real estate sales, marketing and development. His recent decision to return to the lending side of the business exemplifies his philosophy on taking calculated risks when the potential rewards justify doing so. You have to take risks to learn something new, including a new skill,” Fraguio says. “I’ve always been willing to do that even though it may not be an easy process, but I’ve come to realize that it’s all about positive attitude.” He credits Fortune International Group President and CEO Edgardo Defortuna with teaching him how to remain calm under pressure despite challenging circumstances. 

This life lesson is one that Fraguio has since passed on to others, like the client who called after three years to thank him for the return that he had realized on the purchase of his beachfront home. When the client had feared an underwater mortgage due to the property’s plummeting value, Fraguio had encouraged him not to cancel the sale by explaining the consequences of both the market’s likely rebound and a missed opportunity for luxury living.  Sure enough, the client ultimately saw the property’s value increase by $400 per square foot thanks to Fraguio’s counsel.

A certified Foreign National Lender, Fraguio has been involved in projects with top developers like Fortune International, LeFrak and Starwood Capital Group. He appreciates Miami’s rich diversity and the chance to support its increasingly international buyers because of his bank’s global footprint.  While he enjoys writing thrillers and children’s books as much as he does reading, this aspiring New York Times best-selling author also considers private wealth management as another way to possibly leverage his real estate talents in the future. After all, Fraguio is a true expert in the intrinsic connection between real estate and banking, so this might become yet another chapter in the story of his life.

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