Agent Martha Buckley Shares Her Experience Leveraging VHT Studios’ New Photography Suite of Services

VHT Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of our all-new photography suite, offering real estate professionals more flexibility and control than ever before. We always listen closely to the needs of our clients, and the one thing we continuously hear is that every listing is unique. That’s why we have redesigned how we deliver real estate photography to better meet the needs of every unique listing.

More flexibility, more control, more wins!
The all-new photography suite offers three different photography series; Platinum, Gold, and Silver, to provide real estate professionals the ability to choose photography that best fits their listings. Whether looking to sell a 4-bedroom suburban home or a multi-million-dollar estate by the ocean, there’s a series that matches your listing’s needs. Our goal is to make real estate photography as easy and simple as possible, so you can focus on winning more listings, and selling more quickly and at the best price.

Florida agent Martha Buckley shares her story.


Martha Buckley is a Fort Lauderdale luxury residential real estate specialist. She has experienced the flexibility that VHT Studios’ provides and has had great success in leveraging the new suite of photography services: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

“I like the flexibility. If I have a condominium without a view, I can order the right products and services that match my budget for that listing price.”

Out of the three series options, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Buckley recommends the Gold Series, especially for most listings:

“I like the quality and reliability, along with the ease of working with the VHT Studios’ team.”

The benefits of the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Suite of Services go beyond making it easy to choose the right listing photography. Once the photography session is complete, VHT Studios’ On-Demand Review and Delivery system is designed to provide more control by making it fast and easy to preview all the photographs taken at your shoot, make your choices, and download them instantly. When discussing the new system, Buckley states, “With On-Demand Review and Delivery, I can select and proof the photographs and only take the ones that I want. I like that flexibility; I get what I need.”

Since no listing is created equal, neither is budget. Having three different photography options to choose from allows for more flexibility to meet listings’ unique requirements.

“Sometimes you need the views outside, and sometimes you don’t, so I order the less expensive series to stay within budget, or I can choose to upgrade and see everything.”

Photography your way and a partnership that lasts.

VHT Studios’ top-tier photographers are hand-picked and certified by our team to deliver the best real estate photography for our clients. Buckley has been working with VHT Studios’ photographer, Claudine, since 2012 and enjoys the partnership they have built together:

“Claudine makes it possible to convey that sunny Florida lifestyle in all of her photographs,” states Buckley.

Our top-tier photographers, in total, have photographed more than 13,000,000 rooms since 1998 and have helped more than 470,000 real estate professionals market and sell properties. Our team continues to invest in delivering the best real estate photography for real estate professionals, all while building lasting relationships with clients.

To learn more about the many benefits of VHT Studios’ all-new photography suite and to order your unique photography services today, visit

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