Viewpoints: Michelle Farber Ross, Managing Partner, MMD Realty

Michelle Farber RossEvery week, we ask a real estate professional for thoughts on the top trends in real estate.

This week, we talked with Michelle Farber Ross, Managing Broker at MMD Realty.

Miami Agent (MA): How do you use events like the Top Marques in Monaco to network with clients and other agents?

Michelle Farber Ross (MR): The whole thought process is to “fish where there are fish.” These events capture the attention of ultra-high net worth individuals from all around the world. It gets me directly in front potential buyers that can afford the ultra-luxury properties I list, as well as provide these buyers with an opportunity to invest in commercial property too. This is my second year at Top Marques, and what I found last year was that the event gave me the opportunity to capture qualified buyers. Networking with ancillary businesses that are exhibiting at events such as Top Marques, or friends of the hosts of the event, allows me to access a larger client base – not only the ancillary businesses, but other top-tier brokers from around the world too. Those that are looking for private jets or yachts or other ultra-luxury goods, are typically the ones that can, and will, want my product. I’ve found that it’s a very effective and a laser-focused way to target and reach my demographic.

MA: What are some of the other creative ways you approach networking with others?

MR: I try to look outside the box for my marketing strategies. For example, I reach out to pure Arabian equestrian communities for some of my properties. It allows me to reach horse enthusiasts, who often fit into that top tier ultra-luxury buyer. In November at Caballus Excellence in Paris, I sat down and presented one of my equestrian community properties to the General of Oman – which was an honor just to be sitting there presenting the property to him, because he’s highly sought after. Events such as these give me opportunities to network with potential clients I wouldn’t normally have in Florida.

MA: With MMD Realty, one of the many notable things about the company is its business model where five percent of company profits are donated to the Dan Marino Foundation. How has this approach helped improve your business?

MR: We never set up the mandate to get more business. Supporting the Dan Marino Foundation allows us to feel good about the work that we do, and to never be afraid to give back. We give a portion of company profits to the foundation. Since 2011, we have given $195,000. We want to make a difference. We go so fast all the time that sometimes, two years have gone by and we haven’t donated to a cause we believe in. Our pledge keeps giving front and center. We get to see the work that the foundation does in the community, and we get to see where the money goes. It makes the agents feel good. It’s important to always give back and feel good about what you do.

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