The Short List: Jennifer Dardano’s Tips for Servicing the Unique Needs of Luxury Clients

by James McClister


Jennifer Dardano is a luxury estate and waterfront specialist for Douglas Elliman working in Miami.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Jennifer Dardano, luxury estate and waterfront specialist for Douglas Elliman, who shared her tips for servicing the unique needs of luxury clients. 

3. Research the market and know exactly where today’s luxury homebuyers are coming from. Here in South Florida, a buyer in Miami is quite different than a buyer in Boca Raton or Palm Beach. Understand who is investing in your market and ensure that you are positioning your listing to the right buyers, both for luxury homes and condominiums.

2. When showing your luxury listing, you may be dealing primarily with an executive assistant or house manager. Be aware of their schedule and work diligently with that person to ensure that the property is prepared in advance of your showings. Be sure to determine what the house manager’s responsibilities are and what you will need to do when you arrive at the home for a showing as well as when you are finished and leaving.

1. In the luxury market, pre-qualifying all showings is essential. Sellers may ask that you require proof of funds from the buyer prior to showing, particularly when listing multi-million dollar properties. As the listing agent, it is your responsibility to ensure that potential buyers are “real” before you schedule showings as not to waste the time of the seller and/or their staff. In the luxury market, you are often working with C-level executives, CEOs and other high-profile and extremely busy clients. Their time, (and your’s) is extremely valuable and making the process of selling their home as seamless as possible for them is essential.

Jennifer Dardano is a seasoned professional whose experience benefits her clients in seemingly countless ways. Originally from Newport Beach, Calif., Dardano relocated to the South Florida area after graduation from the University of Southern California, and embraced the dynamic South Florida luxury real estate market. Her marketing background, coupled with sales and advertising experience, as well as a love of the area, gives her both an appreciation for and thorough understanding of the local marketplace. 

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  • Truth Revealer says:

    I grew up with Jennifer and she is from Upland, in the “909” NOT Newport Beach. Also, she never went to USC. She took a year or two of classes at a Junior college in Palm Desertt.

    And she had no prior real estate sales experience when her current company hired her. She lied about it all. So sick of this imposter’s lies.