Todd LaPenta

Todd LaPenta
Sales Manager
Caliber Home Loans
NMLS 472199

Todd LaPenta has helped homebuyers secure financing for almost three decades, working with a wide range of clients to meet their unique needs. As a sales manager at Caliber Home Loans, LaPenta is licensed in all 50 states, and thanks to the company’s expansive suite of loan programs, he’s able to approve the majority of applicants regardless of their credit worthiness.

Specializing in condominium lending with a strong focus on conforming and jumbo lending, LaPenta frequently assists buyers with low credit ratings or recent credit challenges, such as short sales or bankruptcy. Over the past year, he has been able to offer low down payment options and quality rates on condominiums to prospective buyers who did not meet Federal National Mortgage Association guidelines, and secured other clients with 90 percent financing on jumbo loans.

LaPenta also partners with Realtors to help them market their properties, and in 2017, the majority of his business was purchases for new homes. “Realtors love the communication, technology and world-class service Caliber allows me to offer them,” he says, adding that both Realtors and clients appreciate his passion and honesty as well as his strict adherence to deadlines. “I am excited to be a part of helping buyers achieve their dreams through homeownership and watching their success as they build wealth through real estate,” he says.

Prior to joining Caliber in 2017, LaPenta spent 26 years at Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking. “I was enthralled to see many of my past clients find a way to find me and seek my services while at a new lender,” he says. LaPenta is a certified VA Loan specialist, a certified Condominium Specialist and a jumbo loan specialist, as well as a member of the BNI Circle of Trust in Miami. Over the duration of his career, he has helped 3,200 customers with their home loans, totaling over $1 billion in volume.

A member of the American Athletic Conference Football Officials Association, LaPenta also has been a Division 1 college football referee for the past 19 seasons. “It’s tremendously challenging yet rewarding,” he says of his seasonal side job.



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