Adriana Vargas Hernandez

Adriana Vargas Hernandez
Senior Sales Associate
Prive Island Estates

Adriana Vargas Hernandez, Senior Sales Associate at Prive Island Estates, says her commitment, focus and desire to learn from the best have been key to her real estate success. Her clients are from all over the world and seek the most prestigious homes Miami has to offer. “I don’t like to settle, so my clients should not have to do so either,” she says. Many of her clients buy luxury properties for their second homes or as investments. “But my favorite client is the developer who dreams to build that next masterpiece, which will add spice to our skyline,” she says. “Nothing excites me more than the thought of setting up a masterpiece and seeing a new development go vertical.”

Vargas Hernandez has sold billions in real estate development during her 23 years in the business. “I don’t believe the success of my career lays on the amount of dollars I’ve sold, but on the countless wonderful families from all over the world. I’ve been able to help make their dreams come true,” she says.

Vargas Hernandez also credits her mentors for her continued success. She said it’s been an honor learning from the best developers and architects in real estate development. This past year, she worked with BH3 developers on the delivery and sales process of Prive Island Estates. “This new development on South Florida’s last private island has raised the bar on the ultra luxury development industry in South Florida.

“The key to the business is understanding that preconstruction is not a business of concrete walls; it’s all about the needs of the buyers while we integrate those needs with the environment, nature and quality of life we all deserve,” she adds. “Miami has become a global city, and our buyers have become more demanding and sophisticated throughout the years.”

Vargas Hernandez says that since she was little, she knew that she was born to help others. She applies this to her role as a real estate professional, volunteer, friend and single mother of two boys. “The goal of every human being shall be to impact someone’s life in a positive way every day.”

Vargas Hernandez supports several nonprofit organizations in Miami and abroad. She has received several recognitions, such as the Hall of Fame for CROEM Department of Education of Puerto Rico for her support to underprivileged students and those less fortunate. This year she will put her focus on the needs of Puerto Rico — where she was born and lived until age 16 — after Hurricane Maria. “The devastation and sadness of my country could not be ignored,” she says. “With a group of wonderful community leaders, we were able to gather millions of pounds of food and other assistance for our island. Being able to bring hundreds of elderly and children to Miami was very rewarding, as many did not have the medical care they needed. Our beautiful city of Miami welcomed them, and now they all have a new life. Once again, the city we help build, proves to us every day that we are here for the entire world to enjoy.”



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