Miguel Salvat and Albert Yabor


Miguel Salvat, Agent/Principal
Albert Yabor, Broker/Principal

YES Real Estate Services

Real estate executives and principals of YES Real Estate Services Albert Yabor and Miguel Salvat know the meaning of hard work. A full-service firm, Salvat says that YES works with clients ranging from the first-time buyer to the celebrity athlete, but treat every client with the same care. “Our clients are our family,” he explains, “and they appreciate that we’re committed to helping them fulfill their real estate goals.” He adds that this philosophy is one that he and Yabor instill within their agents, too. “We tell them that they’re partners in what’s possibly the most important business decision a person will make, so they should be prepared to invest the time, energy and resources necessary to ensure a winning transaction.” The firm’s diverse portfolio of properties and clients is a testament to its prowess in both commercial and residential real estate, as well as the partners’ deep understanding of their industry.

Both sons of Cuban immigrants, the principals of YES Real Estate Services grew up watching their parents forge a life in a new country despite entering it nearly penniless. Yabor and Salvat worked alongside their parents as they established successful careers, picking up on the determination and tenacity they demonstrated in the process. Those experiences, says the pair, both challenged and motivated them to achieve greatness in the real estate profession, and in turn they encourage the agents at their brokerage to do the same.

And while real estate transactions can seem increasingly complicated due to changes in lending requirements, closing procedures and market conditions, Yabor makes clear that YES remains abreast of industry regulations and data. “Knowledge is key and it’s readily available to us thanks to wonderful partners who keep us informed of what’s happening and how it affects what we do.” The brokerage is committed to sharing that critical information with its clientele, but doing so in a manner that emphasizes close connections with those clients. “We leverage technology in a way that supports our work with clients by expediting information sharing, but we make certain it doesn’t preclude the personal relationship we have with them,” he says.

Yabor serves as the 2016 president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) South Florida. Both Yabor and Salvat hold membership in the National and Miami Associations of Realtors, serving on the latter’s Residential Board of Governors. NAHREP also recognized each of them among its 2014 Top 250 agents for total sales, with Yabor ranking #33 and Salvat ranking #63 in addition to his selection for the Master Brokers Forum last year. When asked what inspires them most, family is the immediate response; the drive to do their best for their loved ones, agents and clients keeps is a consistent motivation. “People expect excellence from us,” says Yabor, “and we’re determined to live up to that expectation.”

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