Tech-tonic: Keyes Company adds new platform and Compass digs further into AI

by Emma Ludman

Compass acquires AI firm 

Last month, real-estate brokerage Compass purchased Detectica, a New York-based startup focused on artificial intelligence founded in 2015. Compass plans to use the firm’s machine-learning tools to help provide faster, more accurate listing recommendations to clients, as well as updated and fact-checked property information. The hope is that information provided by Detectica’s AI will improve the home-buying experience for both agents and clients and will aid in easing the workload of agents who make use of the software. 

According to an article from the Wall Street Journal, Detectica will represent the 20th AI member on Compass’ team. “For over a decade, Detectica’s founders have been among the most widely respected minds in AI and ML. With this acquisition we deepen our platform while at the same time strengthening our ever-growing team of technologists,” Compass’ CTO, Joseph Sirosh, told the publication. 

Keyes Company provides Lone Wolf software to agents 

On Tuesday, the Keyes Company announced that they would be providing access to Lone Wolf Technology’s enterprise platform for all their agents. The software helps agents collaborate with long-distance clients in real time and provides them with integrated transaction management and accounting solutions, as well as other tools, such as e-signatures, file review, accounting and business analysis tools. 

The platform also connects agents and consumers with a variety of services and an online marketplace that will help the Keyes Company increase the efficiency and accuracy at which they are able to close deals. “Our goal with this platform is to provide agents and brokerages with everything they need to manage their customers’ entire real estate experience — from submitting an offer to signing a deal to setting up home inspections — in one place,” said Lone Wolf CEO Jimmy Kelly. 

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