2019 Looks Sunny for Sellers in Miami

By Amy S. Carden, Owners.com

Being able to predict where the market is heading is a skill — almost a sixth sense — honed by the best real estate agents. Rounding the corner into a new year provides the perfect time to take a look at the big picture.

For the Miami real estate market there aren’t enough good things to say. The area has experienced nearly seven years of price appreciation and demand for homes and condos is still high. Rashad Blanchard, an Owners.com agent specializing in Miami Beach and North Miami, believes south Florida will continue to be a seller’s market in 2019.

“The new year will likely remain a seller’s market in the Miami area. 2019 will be a great time to sell at very competitive prices due to increased population growth. Currently there’s a lot of newly developed communities and condos, with beautiful water views and excellent locations along the beach,” said Blanchard,

Overall, the real estate outlook for the country is great for 2019, and if you’ve been thinking of selling your place in Miami, next year is your year, said Dario Cardile, Vice President of Growth Marketing for Owners.com.

“The new year holds a lot of promise for real estate all over the country, and not just in Miami. Home prices depend heavily upon availability, construction, job growth, wages, interest rates, and, of course, consumer confidence. I think that it will be quite a while before the demand for single-family homes or condos slows, so I predict we’ll stay in the seller’s market we have going now. And we’ll keep going strong into 2020 and beyond, most likely. I’ve heard that doubt may be growing, but the biggest demographic, millennials, are so eager for their first home, there’s persistent demand. This means that there probably won’t be much relief from home prices in Miami and that 2019 would be a great year to sell your home,” said Cardile.

What Can Homeowners Do To Entice Potential Buyers?

Even with the seller’s market continuing in Miami, homeowners who want to sell their property fast can do a few things to make their home stand out. Owners.com agents offer the following tips and trends to get a home ready and attract the right buyer.

  • “In terms of homeowners who are thinking about listing their home for sale, stay as neutral as possible inside and outside your home,” said Rashad Blanchard.
  • “Buyers want open space in a home, lots of light, granite countertops, and good flooring like tile or hardwood. When staging a home, add plants to lend warmth. Smart technology in a home — lights, alarm, and thermostat controls — are good selling points and will continue to be a trend,” Sherry von Klitzing advised.
  • “Sellers need to keep in mind that buyers like new and low maintenance. Focus on modernizing the home,” explained Katrice Edwards.
  • “Upgraded kitchens and bathrooms are great starting points. Open floor plans will continue to be popular. Staging your home goes a long way to giving a buyer ideas and your home will show better,” advised Temmy Adebayo.
  • “Go virtual when thinking about staging. It is a great money- and time-saving way for buyers to visualize the home furnished. Don’t be the ugly, outdated house on the block: update your home inexpensively with new paint, lighting fixtures and switch plates,” said Heather Hyllested.
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