What Miami Home Buyers Really Want From Their Agent

By Amy S. Carden, Owners.com

Success in real estate often rests on the relationships you build with your clients. There are all kinds of tips and tricks that agents use to earn trust and repeat business. One thing that may be overlooked by some agents are the ways new trends in real estate technology can be used to help clients find their dream home. Consumers, in fact, are leaning toward brokerages that offer advanced technology to help simplify and streamline the real estate process.

Owners.com, an innovative tech-driven real estate brokerage dedicated to making real estate simpler, found in a recent survey that buyers want their agents to provide tech-based tools to increase efficiency and to keep them organized. When asked how their agent could save them time in the buying process, the survey showed:

  • Nearly half (46 percent) of home buyers want their agent to keep track of all their appointments, viewings or follow-ups in one place,
  • Forty-two percent of home buyers want the ability to schedule showings online and
  • Thirty percent of home buyers want to communicate primarily through a mobile application.

To meet tech-focused consumers’ needs, Owners.com is creating a unique, more personalized real estate experience for its customers. Randall Sanz, an Owners.com agent specializing in the Miami area, says he works with his clients whichever way they wish. “I communicate via phone, text or face-to-face,” he says.

On the site or the app, buyers can choose their specific home preferences, allowing them to easily sift through dozens of listings to find the best fit for their needs. Sanz says, “I advise my clients to use the Owners.com app because the inventory is more accurate.”

With a cutting-edge online search algorithm, Owners.com shows buyers how each home listing measures up to their criteria. When they are ready to take the search offline, they can schedule multiple property tours on the site or app, increasing their chances of being the first to view a home.

When it comes to touring a home, the agent takes a larger role in the process by lending their expertise and on-the-ground knowledge. In fact, the Owners.com survey found that buyers value their agent’s inside knowledge of the property and community. When asked about the home features that they want their agent to highlight, responders stated:

  • Physical integrity of the home (67 percent),
  • Insights into the local community (59 percent) and
  • Information on property boundaries and building restrictions (44 percent).

In order to stay relevant in the face of technological advancements and tech-savvy customers, real estate professionals can change the way they conduct business and how they connect with their clients. Making their home search easier with technology will keep your clients happy.

Owners.com is a technology driven brokerage at the forefront of the real estate revolution. With local real estate expertise, financing and closing services and unique digital experiences, Owners.com and its affiliates offer a complete real estate solution that strives to anticipate and fulfill the dreams of home buyers and sellers.  For more information or to contact a local Owners.com real estate agent, visit Owners.com or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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