South Florida city ranked 10th most affordable beach town

by Lauren Clohessy


A home with an ocean view is great, but an affordable home with an ocean view is even better. When it comes to oceanside real estate in South Florida, finding that affordable home can be difficult.

Once again, released their yearly list of America’s most affordable beach townsPort St. Lucie was named the 10th most affordable beach town with a median home listing price of $274,700. The median home price is almost $100,000 more than a home in the most affordable beach town, Gulfport, Miss.

In Port St. Lucie, single-family homes start around $500,000 and condos start at $200,000. also pointed out that homes on nearby islands, like Hutchinson Island, aren’t that expensive as well. A two-bedroom condo on Hutchinson Island is $315,000.

To get a piece of affordable beach town property, you have to get pretty far from Miami, it seems. Port St. Lucie  is 50 minutes north of West Palm Beach and 20 minutes from downtown St. Lucie.

In 2017, the South Florida town of Deerfield Beach ranked fourth, but failed to make the list  for 2018. This year, another Southern Florida town made the list.

The homes are considerably cheaper than Miami locations, despite Miami being named the second most affordable beach town in America by in 2017. A 521 square foot studio on the water in Miami costs $744,000, almost $500,000 more than a single-family home in Port St. Lucie.

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