Miami Association of Realtors announces partnership with real estate social network

by Joe Ward

Miami Association of Realtors

The Miami Association of Realtors is partnering with a business-to-business platform to help connect agents to investors, real estate services and other agents, the group announced Thursday.

The association will team up with RealConnex, which bills itself as the world’s first social network for real estate professionals. Under the partnership, Miami’s more than 46,000 members will be able to use the platform to manage their business and networking, the Miami Association of Realtors, or MAR, said in a statement.

“RealConnex will provide our members with a powerful competitive advantage,” Teresa Kinney, CEO of MAR, said in a statement. “The platform will make it significantly easier for our members to collaborate, share, network and distribute listings locally, nationally and internationally.”

RealConnex, founded in 2013, is using MAR as a design partner to implement new features and toolsets for members. According to the company, RealConnex can provide users “broader visibility and access to connections and specific transaction opportunities – access that cannot be identified as quickly and easily anywhere else,” the press release says. The company expects to facilitate $1 billion in transactions by the end of 2017.

“The Miami Association of Realtors is one of our most valued strategic partners, and we look forward to broadening and extending our collaboration as we continue to build the largest professional network for commercial real estate professionals,” said RealConnex founder and CEO Roy Abrams. “As a New York- and Miami-based real estate technology startup, we are excited about working with [the association] to offer better service to its member realtors and promote South Florida’s booming economy.”

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