Florida REALTORS targeted by scam letters

by Lauren Arbuckle

Over the weekend, many Florida REALTORs members received letters from an organization called the “Florida Board of Realtors,” which does not exist. Florida REALTORS has notified its 164,000 members of what is likely a phishing scam.

The scam involves illegitimate “final notices” seeking a payment of $225. The letters state that the recipient’s real estate license is in jeopardy for failure to comply. The state association and several local associations have told members to ignore any demands that come from the fake organization, and to immediately cancel any checks that may have been made out to it.

“Be vigilant. Be safe. And tell everyone you know,” adds Margy Grant, general counsel for Florida REALTORS®. “Criminals created a truly impressive fake website, sent a complex fake letter, and successfully alarmed REALTORS across the state.”

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