New MIAMI partnership offers more international opportunities for agents

by James McClister


Miami Realtors have a new way to interact with their MLS; the result of a new partnership between the Miami Association of Realtors and RESAAS Services Inc., a cloud-based social platform for the real estate services industry.

Earlier this month, the two entities announced a five-year agreement that will bring RealTimeMLS to all 41,000 MIAMI members, promising a new, faster portal through which Realtors can “communicate listings, referrals and market insights.”

The association’s chief executive, Teresa King Kinney, said the change is much needed.

“Having been at MIAMI for the past 22 years, it is clear that RealTimeMLS is truly a unique offering in the real estate technology marketplace, and quite frankly, much needed in our vast, international market,” she said.

Kinney added that it “has always been (MIAMI’s) intent” to equip agents with a “world-class suite of tools and education.” But she admitted the association has stumbled in its endeavor to provide members with a system specifically designed to allow better, peer-to-peer-level communication. “We believe this will be achieved with RealTimeMLS,” she said.

Real time means communication new listing “in minutes”

RESAAS Vice President James Hayden, in charge of enterprise accounts, reaffirmed Kinney’s remarks, touting the company’s platform as a means to satisfy existing industry problems.

He said: “Our RealTimeMLS solution, created specifically for real estate associations and MLSs to streamline communication between members, has proven to solve common industry pain points.”

To his credit, the San Diego Association of Realtors signed a similar agreement with RESAAS last November, and he has spoken positively of the results, claiming the platform is providing members a way to “communicate newly signed listing agreements in minutes with each other.”

The tool’s international capabilities offer great value for Miami agents.

According to MIAMI, in 2015, nearly three-quarters of its members worked with an international buyer, which isn’t surprising considering Miami’s status as a global real estate hub. With RealTimeMLS, MIAMI members will gain new access to a network of approximately 400,000 international agents, who already use the platform.

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