Miami Association of Realtors Announces Direct Listings Agreement with Zillow

by Ben Heichman

Through implementation of the Zillow Data Dashboard, Miami brokers now have the option to market their inventory directly on Zillow and Trulia. They will not have to establish individual data feeds or enter into separate agreements with Zillow Group, and will be able to have their properties updated as often as every 15 minutes.

Teresa King Kinney, the CEO of the Miami Association of Realtors, said that Miami has consistently played a major, rising global role in real estate, and the cooperative between Miami and Zillow opens the door for Miami businesses to take advantage of the vast tools and data that Zillow has developed.

“Miami is one of the leading global cities worldwide and continues to attract new residents, second homebuyers and investors from the U.S. and internationally, so it is extremely important that we facilitate marketing and exposure for our members and their properties,” Kinney said. “Our association and MLS is pleased to offer this easy platform for our brokers to make their listing distribution and choice, add their company preferences and be assured of the data being sent.”

Errol Samuelson, Zillow Group’s chief industry development officer, spoke to the benefits the direct agreement provides MAR members.

“By establishing a direct feed with Zillow Group, Miami is providing their members with the most accurate and timely route to market their listings to the largest audience of home shoppers on mobile and Web,” Samuelson said. “Members will benefit from the ability to have their listing refreshed up to every 15 minutes, home sellers will have their listings in front of a highly engaged, transaction-ready audience, and home buyers will have access to South Florida’s large and diverse inventory of homes and an easy way to connect with a local real estate expert.”


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  • Libby Lorenzo says:

    Does this mean they’re going to update the closed sales and accurately post the closed sales price of all properties in 15 minutes after being posted to our MLS. Will it help lower our cost now that Zillow has “direct access” to our listings, again our listings that we pay the Board to have on the MLS. The same company that wants us to pay to advertise as a Realtor and then shows other agents beside our listings. I do not have a good feeling about this, Zillow is not out to help Realtors and have shown it time and again.